TaterWare – “Take Out” Eco Products

http://www.Taterware.biz – Compostable and Biodegradable Products made from renewable resources.

Please inquire for pricing.

Worldwide + shipping

Yes – Distributor Prices are available

For Kauai Residents –  Free delivery and storage: To Order call Ventures (808) 246-4886

Contact:  es@earthsurge.com or (808) 651-3452; PO Box 223508; Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii 96722

You Have Seen “The Others”… Our TaterWare Products Are THE BEST!

NO Leaks, NO Soak Thru! NO Melt!  Happy Customers!

Superior to current plastic and foam!  GMO FREE and Biodegradable!  The customizable embossed pattern gives insulation for hot foods.

Heat stable to over 375 f. Good for hot foods and also microwarmable.  Custom sizes and colors are available. Tater Ware is designed to break down 100% in a commercial composting environment

Cutlery – made from GMO free cellulose and limestone.

The first compostable coffee cup lids in the world – both taterware lids and fiber lids

It’s time to make a change that is noticed by your customers!

Community Compost -Demand it from your local city, state and home compost service

Compost at home – Turn Your Take Out Products to Dirt at Home


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