Ultra Rife

We are the Hawaii and Pacific Distributor for BCX Ultra – MADE IN THE USA.

To Purchase Please Call 808-651-3452 or es@earthsurge.com 

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The BCX Ultra $2695 + Free Shipping

New High Frequency models available

Originally “Rife” machines were created and tested in the 1930’s by Dr. Royal Rife  and focused upon the destruction of microorganisms and viruses using a radio transmitter to excite a gas plasma formed within a glass tube.  Emissions from the plasma inside the tube produced the devices capabilities. Rife discovered that disease can be eliminated with frequencies based on its individual electromagnetic signature.

“Rife Frequency Therapy’” exposes disease organisms to highly-modified forms of their own unique frequency, viruses and bacteria can be eliminated by the millions leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Validated by nearly 80 years of research, this technology can be used for experimental research purposes on pathogens and other metabolic deficiencies like Arthritis, Fungus, Virus, Candida, Migraines, Infections, Herpes, Lyme disease, Depression, Kidney Insufficiency, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Liver Congestion & many other conditions.

Currently the BCX Ultra is a The Finest “Rife Research Instrument”:  the most advanced Instrument in its field. *The BCX Ultra with new High Frequency modifications has more power and greater harmonic resonance and includes all the same accessories.  Email us for details on upgrading your current BCX Ultra.  These machines and their predecessors have been made by us for over 20 years.2011-08-23_09-36-26_531

  • 1424 Stored Programs & 256 User Custom Programs
  • Frequency plasma tubes with a range up to 100,000 Hz.
  • Electrode delivery with a range up to 1,000,000 MHz! 7 OUTPUT Types (Electrodes, Raytubes, LED Wand, Auxiliary, Electrodes & Raytubes simultaneously, Electrodes & LED Wand simultaneously, Electrodes/Auxiliary simultaneously)
  • A wide range of Wave forms
  • Many Optional Accessories 
BCX Ultra control unit
2 Ray Tubes hand held (Noble Gas glass wands: argon, krypton, xenon & neon)
Metal footplate electrodes
Metal hand held cylinder electrodes
Pre-gelled body contact electrodes (1 pair)
DVD Instruction disk
1 year warranty (details)Physical Dimensions: 11.0″ x 8.0″ x 3.0″, 2.5 lbs
Power supply: Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A. Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A. 5.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″, 1 lb plus cordsControls & Indicators:
– Input: 1 – jack for Power Input (DC power plug, 2.5mm, center positive)
– Outputs: 5 – jacks for Electrodes (2 pairs), Raytubes, LED WandExternal:
– Input/Output: jack for Computer (USB Type B)
– Input/Output: Controls: 8- momentary pushbuttons for Power On/Off, Start/Pause, Stop, Change +, OK/, Change -, Back”
– Indicators: 5- Green LED 16 character alphanumeric display, LED indicators for Raytubes, Electrodes, LED Wand, and Operating.Functions:
– View Built in Instructions
– Run a Pre-program – Scroll or select from either Factory Created name or number, both of which are displayed on the screen.
– Run a User program – Scroll or select from either User Created name or number, both of which are displayed on the screen
– Create, Edit, Save, Run a User program
– View a Program
– Copy a Program to another User program location
– Erase a User program
– Computer ControlCapabilities:
– Factory Pre-programs 1424
– User programs: 256
– Output frequencies simultaneously: 1 (Single) or 2 (Dual) – Sequence Frequencies per Pre-program or User program: 80 single frequency, or 40 dual frequenciesVariables for each Program (User changeable for User programs):
– Number: 4 digits
– Name: 8 Alphanumeric Characters
– Output Type: Select from 7 types – *Electrodes, *Raytubes, *LED Wand, *Auxiliary, *Electrodes & Raytubes simultaneously, *Electrodes & LED Wand simultaneously, *Electrodes & Auxiliary simultaneously
– Duty Cycle: 1 to 100%
– Duty Cycle Pulse: Waveform type: Select from 15 types Range: 1 to 10,000 Hz, *Resolution: 1 to 9.9999 to 0.0001 Hz,10 to 99.999- 0.001 Hz, 100 to 999.99- 0.01 Hz, 1,000 to 9,999.9 Hz- 0.1 Hz
– Electrode Intensity: 1 to 100%
– Raytube Intensity: 1 to 100%
– LED Wand Intensity: 1 to 100%
– Auxiliary Intensity: 1 to 100%
– Run Time: 1 to 120 minutes
– Soft Start/Stop: Yes or No
– Automatic Shutoff: Yes or No
– Frequencies: Single (Frequency A only) or Dual (Frequency A & B simultaneously)
– Frequency A: Waveform type: Select from 15 types (Mhz frequencies- Square or Square Sweep only)
Range: 1 to 100,000 Hz, 1.00 Mhz, 1.25 Mhz, and 1.67 Mhz *Resolution: 1 to 9.99999 to 0.00001 Hz, 10 to 99.9999- 0.0001 Hz, 100 to 999.999- 0.001 Hz,1,000 to 9,999.99 Hz- 0.01 Hz, 10,000 to 99,999.9 Hz- 0.1 Hz
– Frequency B: Waveform type: Select from 15 types
Range: 1 to 100,000 Hz, *Resolution: 1 to 9.99999 to 0.00001 Hz, 10 to 99.9999- 0.0001 Hz, 100 to 999.999- 0.001 Hz, 1,000 to 9,999.99 Hz- 0.01 Hz, 10,000 to 99,999.9 Hz- 0.1 Hz
– Sequence: Up to 80 single frequencies for Single, or up to 40 dual frequency pairs for DualWaveform Types:
Square, Square Sweep, Sine, Trapezoid, Triangle, Linear Ramp Up, Linear Ramp Down, Exponential Ramp Up, Exponential Ramp Down, Odd Order Harmonics, Even Order Harmonics, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4
BCX Ultra High Power Beam Tube – HFPCM2 – $2665- free shipping


Double Bubble Tube that connects to BCX Ultra. The number one reason people use this device is that they are hands free and is perfect for use while sleeping or running onmultiple people. This device runs all of our built in prestored programs, sweeping programs and Rife’s original frequencies since it runs the full range of BCX Ultra frequencies and carrier wave. Another reason is because of it is power, 150 watts!
BCX Ultra Footbath – $1295 – free shipping
FootBath.pngUsing a footbath after a Rife treatment is a method to expel toxins built up from using the frequencies. It uses titanium plates to reduce the release of oxidized metal in the water.

The BCX Ultra Foot Bath can be plugged in to the BCX Ultra which gives The BCX Footbath a double detoxing affect. While doing the footbath you can use the frequencies for detox by using the BCX Ultra simultaneously.


BCX Ultra Lite – $3680  (110v-220v, 4Mhz,150w, Noble Gas)-(frequency generator & 150w amplifier) is a stand-alone rife frequency machine unit that combines the BCX Ultra unit & the HFPCM2 High Powered beam tube in to 1 device & also runs the electrodes (metal footplates,metal cylinders, & gel pads, ** sold seperatly). It runs just like the BCX Ultra unit w same specs but doesn’t run all BCX Ultra accessories. The most powerful beam tube on the market! ◦ ADD Std Electrode Accessory Pkg (3) std. hand-held accessories ($400 not sold here) Note: 30 day return policy – 10% restock fee & shipping costs. If any damage or missing parts additional fees may apply


Optional Accessories – please inquire for pricing 

Standard LED, High Power LED – Blue, Red,and Green

BCX Ultra Vortex Modulator – The coil electrode is filled with Argon Gas. It allows for using the BCX without the need for making direct contact with the body.
ALSO Standard Wands & Ultra High Power LED Wand – Green, Red or Blue – NEW FACIAL TONING PACKAGE


DISCLAIMER: The BCX Ultra (and components) is an experimental electronic instrument not intended for the diagnosis, prevent, treat, cure or mitigate any disease in animals.  If you require medical attention consult with a health care professional.  We make no claims stated or implied.



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